TCCI Procedures and Forms

Procedure # 1

Talkeetna Community Council Inc. Call to action and meeting procedures:

Call to action

Community members, committees, and guests may ask the council board to take action on any issue of importance to them.

Ways to ask for action:

        • Request that an item be placed on the agenda

        • Request to be a person to be heard

        • Request that a committee address an item

Requests for action by the council should follow these guidelines:

        • Describe issue

        • Provide background info/data

        • Describe how the issue directly impacts the Talkeetna Community Council area

        • Provide evidence of broad community support

        • Describe proposed action and desired outcome

        • Provide information on any deadlines by which action must be taken

Possible outcomes are as follows:

        • Board vote on proposed action

        • Referral to a committee

        • Deferral to the next month’s meeting

        • Call for a community-wide vote on a major issue if the board is not comfortable making a decision.

        • No action


        • Members, committees, and guests desiring an item to appear on the agenda should present it to the council before 5PM on the Thursday before the meeting. 
          This may be done by contacting TCCI by email, mail or phone.

        • An item presented after 5PM the Thursday before the meeting but before the adoption of the agenda at the meeting should be sponsored by a board member. 
          The board member can make a motion to add the item to the agenda. A majority vote will add the item to the agenda. 
          Sponsorship should be arranged by contacting a board member directly.

        • Adding an item to the agenda after the agenda is adopted requires a motion by a board member and will be added after a 2/3 majority vote.

Persons to be heard

        • Anyone can address the board and assembled community members with any concern he/she may have.

        • Members and guests can request in advance to be on the agenda as a person to be heard, or sign in at the beginning of the meeting.

        • Time limit of about 3 minutes. Questions will be allowed, but no discussion. If immediate action is desired, any board member can ask
          for a vote of the board to add the item to the current agenda.

        • Guests and members who need more time can request in advance a longer time period for a presentation. 
          Unless they are time-sensitive, such presentations will be limited to one 
per meeting.


        • Present issues to a committee by following that committee’s guidelines.

Please send your email to, mail to our post office box 608 or contact one of the board members directly.

Procedure # 2 

Nominating committee duties: 

The nominating committee will be appointed at the TCCI August meeting according to TCCI bylaws Article IV Section 2, A. 

1. Following the August TCCI board meeting, begin advertising the available Board of Director positions. This should include number of positions vacant, procedure for contacting nominating committee, Declaration Of Candidacy (DOC) requirement and candidate eligibility. Eligibility

should include a review of TCCI membership by law provisions and msb code 2.76 community councils / 2.76.030 - definitions. Documentation may be required ( see MSB determination of eligibility of candidate 5.15.035 (f) )

A. Post notification at the TCCI post office case and Talkeetna public library

B. Submit announcement on KTNA radio to run through the date of the TCCI Sept meeting

C. Post board vacancies on the TCCI web site

D. Actively canvass for potential nominees 

2. Collect all nominations and Declaration of Candidacy forms by the TCCI September meeting. Report nominations to the board and membership present. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the September meeting. Collect declaration of candidacy forms from any floor nominations. Following the closure of the nominations, direct any write-in candidates to complete DOC forms and notify of deadline to do so.

3. Compile candidate bios from DOC forms and post on the TCCI web site.

4. Send copy of candidate bios to KTNA radio news dept.

Duties and Responsibilities

TCCI Treasurer Duties

TCCI Administration Duties

TCCI Committee Chair responsibilities

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