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TSWB: Talkeetna Sewer & Water Board

Board Members Include:
Drew Haag Chair
Jane Steere
Jim Kellard

Meetings occur quarterly on the first Weds of Jan, April, July, and October via Google Teams
More info can be found on the MatSu website: Talkeetna Water & Sewer

The Talkeetna Water and Sewer System is setup as an Enterprise Fund with a Service Area. 
Currently the mill rate on the service area is zero.
The water and sewer system is operated by MatSu system operator Amanda Fleming 

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) oversees the permitting and compliance of the systems

Water System
The water source for the community of Talkeetna consists of two groundwater wells located in the Pump House (located on C-street).
The water treatment plant, removes iron, manganese, and arsenic (located on C-street).
Treated water is stored in a 2,000 gallon hydro-pneumatic tank designed for a working pressure of 100 psi.
The water distribution system consists of approximately 23,600 feet of 8-inch and 4,300 feet of 12-inch Class 52 ductile iron piping. Burial depths vary between 5 and 10 feet and shallower sections are covered with foam board insulation and/or have been changed to arctic pipe.

Sewer System
The sewer collection system was constructed during three separate construction projects in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. 
The existing buried gravity sewer collection system consists of 23,000 feet of 6, 8 and 12-inch mains.
There are three lift stations within the sewer collection system. 
The third and final lift station pumps waste water to the facultative lagoon.
More information on facultative lagoons can be found on the website of the US Environmental Protection Agency
Sewer Lagoon
The original wastewater lagoon constructed in 1988 was a two cell, lined facultative lagoon with a third percolation cell (located of  Beaver rd). 
In 2003 a liner was added to the percolation cell converting it to a facultative cell. Additionally, a wetlands treatment area was added along with a discharge pipeline to the Talkeetna River Slough.
The lagoon discharges from April - October and functions as holding tanks from November - March.  

CRW Engineering Group, LLC finished an in-dept evaluation of the Talkeetna Water and Sewer system in August 2014 

More info can be found on the MatSu website: Talkeetna Water & Sewer

MatSu Talkeetna Water and Sewer Board
The borough’s five-member advisory Water and Sewer board exist of locals living in the water and sewer service area. The board communicates between the members and the MatSu borough. Currently the board is looking for board members to full-fill their 3 members minimum quorum. 
In the meantime the TCCI has taken over the responsibilities of the board to communicate with the MatSu borough. 

Grease Traps
The sewer lagoon suffers from a layer of floating grease on the surface, preventing oxygen being dissolved in the water and dampen bacteria grow. Installing a grease trap is strongly recommended for all commercial businesses connected to the sewer and water system.

The dishwashing enzymes are safe for the water treatment plant as long as they have an annotation on them, and most do, saying they are harmless to the environment.

Basically this is all it involves 

1) Clean out the trap and capture the water. 
2) Let the water sit to allow grease to float to top and solids to drop to bottom. 
3) Skim grease from top of water.
4) Strain water to collect solids from the bottom of the water.
5) Throw grease and solids in the trash.
6) Pour the water down the drain!
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