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Talkeetna Recycling Works

Recycling Container at the Talkeetna Transfer Site will be open: 

Tuesday from 1 pm - 5 pm
Saturdays from 11 am- 3 pm

NEW! Corrugated Cardboard
Aluminum Beverage Cans
Steel Cans and Lids
Plastic Bottles #1
Plastic Jugs and Bottles #2
Plastics #5 
Mixed Paper

Volunteers will be present to make sure your items are clean, dry and fit for drop off. You will be responsible for items that do not fit the criteria. Steel lids are accepted, plastic lids are not. Call Cici at 355-8324 to get on the volunteer list.

Talkeetna Recycling Works Objective: Create an efficient and long lasting recycling program for Talkeetna.

Ways to reach the Talkeetna Recycling Committee:
Facebook: Talkeetna Recycling Works or
Volunteer Coordinator:  Cici Schoenberger - 907/355-8324

Next monthly meeting is April 9th, 7pm at the Talkeetna Roadhouse. All are welcome.
See below for Minutes from March Meeting

Direct Deposit:  Mat Valley Federal Credit Union under name of Talkeetna Community Council, Inc., 
Talkeetna Recycling   Account # 149253 

Go Fund Me, online donations:

Currently accepted at Talkeetna Transfer Station

Corrugated Cardboard
➢ clean and broken down, remove most of any tape
➢ brown paper bags

Mixed paper & Paperboard 
➢ Yes Newspaper if bundled separately in a white or clear plastic bag 
➢ Yes egg cartons 
➢ Yes toilet paper rolls, etc 
➢ Yes shredded paper but must be bundled separately in a white or clear plastic bag 

Steel containers 
➢ Yes Magnet sticks to it 
• No Does not have to have label removed or be flattened 
(Cat food cans or other lightweight aluminum cans if they are bagged separately)

Aluminum beverage cans 
Beverage cans only—should be rinsed and crushed if possible (not essential but saves room in container) 
• kitchen aluminum such as foil, foil pans, cat food cans (put in a plastic bag)

#1 Plastic (PETE) 
• No clamshells (made differently and melt at higher temps) 
• No caps or lids 
➢ Yes Must have a neck 
➢ Yes Will have dimple (nipple) on bottom 
➢ Yes water bottles whether you can see the #1 or not

#2 Plastic (HDPE) 
• No caps or lids, or pour spouts (laundry jugs) 
• No motor oil or paint containers 
➢ Yes Must have a neck (need not taper at top but will take a screw-on lid) 
➢ Yes Will have seam on bottom 

 #5 Plastic (PP) 
• No clamshells (made differently and melt at higher temps) 
➢ Yes Lids accepted if have triangle with a 5 
➢ Yes stretchy plastic (shopping bags, etc) if bundled together in a white or clear plastic bag

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