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    Talkeetna Parks Advisory Committee (TPAC)
               Core members: 
                    Roger Robinson - Chair
                    Howard Carbone - Co-chair
                    Iris Vandenham - TCCI delegate
                    Chris Mannix
                    John Strasenburgh 
                    Billy FitzGerald
                    Mark Wildermuth
                    Ellen Wolf
                    Shawn Thielen

Talkeetna Parks Advisory Committee (TPAC)

established May 6, 2002

                Mission Statement of the Talkeetna Parks Advisory Committee:
The mission of TPAC is to guide the management of present and future parks, preserves, and trails on lands within
the boundaries of the Talkeetna Community Council, Inc. in order to maximize both their wildlife habitat and compatible
recreational values.

            TPAC has a procedure for proposals for new development within Talkeetna area borough parks.
            TPAC follows the Alaska State Trail Management Handbook for new trail development.

TPAC contact: