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Landfill Fence Project


1.       Objective: To remove all chain link fencing from the Talkeetna lakes park/Talkeetna closed landfill, and if time permits remove all poles.  This is to be accomplished while minimizing the impact upon the local environment.


2.       Dates:

A.      Project Prep Work: 30 September 2016

B.      Fence Removal Project Execution: 5th and 6th of October, 0930am-4:00pm

C.      Project After Action Review: 7 Oct 2016


3.       MSB Personnel:

A.      Prep work-Caleb Team Leader and Nathan

B.      Project Execution-Caleb, Ronald, Nathan, Steve and Ed

C.      Project After Action Review-Terry, Caleb and all MSB personnel.


4.       Community Volunteers: Provided by Community number unknown.


5.       Required Equipment:

A.      Vehicles & Equipment: 

1)      Flatbed 2 ton truck (70) and equipment trailer

2)       Bobcat Skid Steer A770 with forks, grappler bucket, light materials bucket.


B.      Hand tools: Several pairs of small to medium bolt cutters, several pairs of wire cutters, cable cutters, several pairs of brush cutters, two steel chainsaws, Wrenches and socket wrenches kits.


C.      Map that of all areas where fencing is to be pulled, also including areas where only fence wiring remains.


D.       Thirty feet of chains, and several ratchet straps.


6.       Schedule:

a.       9/30/16, 9:00am- Caleb and Nathan travel to Talkeetna to conduct preparation work for project.

b.      10/5/16, 7:00am-Caleb, Nathan, Steve and Ed meet at CLF to load up equipment and tools.

c.       10/5/16, 9:30am Volunteers and MSB meet at Talkeetna Lakes trail parking lot. Caleb will provide safety and work brief.

d.      10/5/16, 12:00am-12:30pm Break for lunch.

e.      10/5/16,  4:00pm. End of work day.

f.        10/6/16 Same schedule as 10/5/16.

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