Talkeetna Community Council, Inc.

Hello Community Members - 

Voting for the board of the Talkeetna Community Council  began October 19th at the Talkeetna Public Library and continues through November 3rd.

ELECTIONS ARE UPON US!  There are FOUR seats open.  Please review the five following candidates' bios, posted as recieved, in alphabetical order:

Jonathan Korta:  My name is Jon Korta and I’m a relative newcomer to Talkeetna, arriving with my wife, Tanya, in 2018 after 25 years of living in rural AK.  I have 10 years prior experience in local government.  I am running for the TCCI Board because I recognize that for a community to be functional and thrive, it requires thoughtful engagement from it’s citizens.  I strive to be a careful and unbiased listener, and though we will not always agree on all issues, if elected I promise to work with all stakeholders to the benefit of our community.

Patrick R. McGarry:  My name is Patrick McGarry, a new Talkeetna Resident. I am 60 years old. My wife Lora and have decided to call Talkeetna home. I desire to serve do to my lifelong interest in community alignment with responsible comprehensive planning. I believe maintaining the historical assets the region has to offer are of the highest importance.

Professionally have Contracted residential and commercial projects, provide Land Entitlement Services, Platting of mixed use developments, written municipal grants for infrastructure. Have worked extensively with Local, County, State and Federal Agencies coordinating their collaborated efforts when implementing responsible comprehensive planning. Currently I am in Colorado with family for the next few weeks visiting our 5 children and 4 grand sons.

Jodi Rodwell:   Jodi may not have been born in Alaska but she has a truly Alaskan spirit. Jodi ventured to Alaska in 1995 after earning her Bachelors of Science in geology from Montana State University. Her adventurous spirit led her to the Denali Education Center twenty years ago; in that time, she served as the Elderhostel (now Road Scholar) Program Coordinator, Auction Coordinator, Youth Programs Coordinator, Development Director, Capital Campaign Director, and Operations Director. During her tenure, Jodi has trained and managed staff to be the most qualified and knowledgeable ambassadors of Denali. She believes in authentic, place-based, experiential learning for students and travelers of all ages. Her non-profit fiscal management strategies are highly successful; she maintains a healthy earned-income stream for the organization while also implementing critical fundraising for youth programs and capital projects.

As Executive Director, Jodi juggles a wide variety of tasks with a smile on her face and warmth towards those she encounters. Her extensive experience working with the Denali Education Center gives her invaluable insight into what makes the organization successful and meaningful. She is thrilled to begin a new chapter of growth in Talkeetna as a result of Denali Education Center’s merger with the Northern Susitna Institute.

When she’s not being an ambassador for Alaska’s beauty and wilderness, Jodi enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter in the outdoors. They have owned a home in Talkeetna since 2000 and made the leap into business by purchasing the Talkeetna Cabins from the Foster’s in 2018. She has enjoyed learning about the tourism industry in town and getting to know the colorful, warm, and caring Talkeetna community. When not skiing or walkin the family Labradoodle, she can be found cozied up with a pair of knitting needles.

Doug Smith I have lived in Talkeetna for 36 years, and before retiring taught science, math and art at SuValley Jr./Sr. High. I enjoy hiking, rafting, xc skiing, sailing, playing the banjo, and drinking beer around a campfire. I was on the Talkeetna Community Council for a couple terms “back in the day” and it’s hard to imagine why I’d want to do it again. But here’s my guess. Since 1984 I’ve watched both humans and nature impact this community in a constant flow of change: the rivers and climate altering course and a dramatic increase in tourist and bark beetle visitation. Through this change from a sleepy village with no sewer or water system to a town with 200 B&B’s and 240,000 tourists each summer (except this one), Talkeetna has managed to retain much of its character because its residents care about their town and each other. Case in point: we have 45 different non-profits here, providing everything from food  to historic preservation to fine arts. It wouldn’t happen if people didn’t volunteer to be in plays and radio shows, groom trails and recycle and go to meetings. So I’m stepping up, trying to give a little back to a town that’s given me so much. If elected, I’ll bring my far-left-wing, eco-radical, hard-working and fun-loving viewpoint to the TCC meetings so you can go help out elsewhere. It takes a village to raise a village.

Kathy Trump:  When I first moved to Talkeetna, 250 people lived here. When the climbers arrived, they stood out, and summer evenings meant community fish fries down at the river.  We still live in a small, thoughtful town where the sense of community remains the most valuable quality of life. I love this place in the shadow of Denali under a canopy of trees surrounded by three rivers.  Community Council provides me an opportunity to serve the people of this unique and beautiful village. 


The Talkeetna Community Council is planning on having our regular monthly meeting for November on Monday, the 2nd at a LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED. 

Please respect social distancing guidelines. Masks are encouraged.

Please keep our community safe and we will be in contact if anything changes regarding these matters. Find the forwarded message in the bottom of this email that was sent to us by the MSB clerk regarding how you can publicly participate in the upcoming MSB Assembly meetings. 

Be well, 

TCCI Board of Directors


The latest press releases, video, and statements from the Office of the Governor related to the COVID-19 outbreak in Alaska.

Health mandates issued by Governor Mike Dunleavy, DHSS Commissioner Adam Crum, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink:

US Chamber of Commerce -

US Chamber of Commerce (Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist) -

America’s SBDC (offering business assistance with challenges due to COVID19) -

SCORE (offering assistance to file for a small business loan) -

Please email to add items to the calendar.

Current: Draft AgendaCorrespondence, Draft Minutes and Treasurers Report

2020 TCCI Meeting Dates:

    Meetings are open to the public and will be held on the first Monday of every month (barring holidays) 

        at 7:00 pm at the Talkeetna Library on the following dates:

                JANUARY 6

                FEBRUARY 3

                MARCH 2

                APRIL 6 - CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19

                MAY 4 - CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19  






                NOVEMBER 2 - LOCATION TBD

                DECEMBER 7 - LOCATION TBD

2019 Agenda, Correspondence, & Minutes

Quick links:

Alaska Rail Road - Proposed Industrial Site in East Talkeetna

Ridge Trail - Trail Development Plan  - FINAL (TCCI approved)

Revenue Sharing FY16 Final Report

All things Ridge Trail 2016-2017

Committee meetings:

           TPAC (Talkeetna Parks Advisory) Committee 


           TRW (Talkeetna Recycling Works) Committee:


           Talkeetna CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)


           Talkeetna CAP (Community Assistance Program - Revenue Sharing)



            ComSat Rock Quarry Committee


            Community Watch Program


            Skatepark Committee:

            Policies & Procedures Commitee:   


            Elections & Nominating Committee:


            TCCI Bylaws Commitee:  


Talkeetna Community Council Inc.:

Talkeetna is a census-designated place and is unincorporated. An unincorporated area is a region of land that is not governed by its own local municipal corporation, Talkeetna is governed by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough instead. Talkeetna has a Community Council which provides the residents of Talkeetna a platform for input and participation in their local government and affairs. The Talkeetna Community Council weighs these inputs against the law (SPUD), the Talkeetna guidelines (Comprehensive Plan and Management Plans) and the community consensus (TCCI meetings) and advises the Mat-Su Borough accordingly. 

From the bylawsThe purposes of the TCCI are civic, namely: To provide a direct and continuous means of participation in local government and affairs as authorized by and defined in the Mat-Su Borough Code MSB 2.76, and to provide for implementation of the goals of the Talkeetna Comprehensive Plan.

The Talkeetna Community Council has several standing sub-committees: Revenue Sharing Committee, Talkeetna Parks Advisory Committee (TPAC), Talkeetna Recycling Works, Play ground Committee, Skate Park Committee. Temporary sub-committees are formed and dissolved when subjects ask for more time than available within the regular TCCI meetings. 

The TCCI has besides the bylaws, several procedures

Every November there is a Board of Directors election. Interested candidates can fill out a Declaration of Candidacy form when interested to serve on the board.

Talkeetna Community guidelines and laws:

Talkeetna Special Land Use District (SPUD): Talkeetna has a Special Land Use District commonly known as the SPUD. The SPUD is an enforceable set of rules under the Mat-Su Borough's jurisdiction. The SPUD document can be found on the SPUD page.

Talkeetna Comprehensive Plan: The Talkeetna Comprehensive Plan is a compilation of information, projections, and policies which is intended as a general guide for the development of our community. The intent of the comprehensive plan is to articulate the local population's expectations and public interest as they relate to community development so that future community growth can be consistent with these desires. 

Alaska state statue and Matanuska-Susitna Borough code require comprehensive planning. Once comprehensive plans are adopted, they become instrumental in influencing public and private policy decisions. The Comprehensive Plan can be found on the Comprehensive Plan page.

Talkeetna Parks and Lakes Management Plans: Management Plans supersede the recommendations of the Talkeetna Comprehensive Plan. Lake Management plans are most often requested by lakefront property owners because increase development or the provision of new public access brings about increased lake and river usage and corresponding increase in user conflict. The management plans can be found in the Management Plans folder.

Historical Design Guidelines: The Historical District Design Guidelines provides guidelines for those who want to build, modify or develop in a way that will preserve the historical nature of Beautiful Downtown Talkeetna. It can be found on the Historic District page.

Talkeetna Community Council Inc. Call to action and meeting procedures:

Call to action

Community members, committees, and guests may ask the council board to take action on any issue of importance to them.

Ways to ask for action:

        • Fill out a TCCI AGENDA ITEM MEMORANDUM FORM by 5 pm on the Thursday before the monthly meeting to request an item be placed on the                         agenda (blank forms can be found here: Procedures & Forms)

        • Request to be a Person to be Heard by signing in at the Library on the night of the monthly meeting

        • Request to a committee that a committee address an item

Requests for action by the council should follow these guidelines:

        • Describe issue

        • Provide background info/data

        • Describe how the issue directly impacts the Talkeetna Community Council area

        • Provide evidence of broad community support

        • Describe proposed action and desired outcome

        • Provide information on any deadlines by which action must be taken

Possible outcomes are as follows:

        • Board vote on proposed action

        • Referral to a committee

        • Deferral to the next month’s meeting

        • Call for a community-wide vote on a major issue if the board is not comfortable making a decision.

        • No action


        • Members, committees, & guests desiring an item to appear on the agenda should email it to the council before 5PM on the Thursday before the                         meeting. This may be done by contacting TCCI by email, mail or phone.

        • An item presented after 5PM the Thursday before the meeting but before the adoption of the agenda at the meeting should be sponsored by a board                 member.  The board member can make a motion to add the item to the agenda. A majority vote will add the item to the agenda.  Sponsorship should              be arranged by contacting a board member directly.

        • Adding an item to the agenda after the agenda is adopted requires a motion by a board member and will be added after a 2/3 majority vote.

Persons to be heard

        • Anyone can address the board and assembled community members with any concern he/she may have.

        • Members and guests can request in advance to be on the agenda as a person to be heard, or sign in at the beginning of the meeting.

        • Time limit of about 3 minutes. Questions will be allowed, but no discussion. If immediate action is desired, any board member can ask
          for a vote of the board to add the item to the current agenda.

        • Guests and members who need more time can request in advance a longer time period for a presentation.
          Unless they are time-sensitive, such presentations will be limited to one 
per meeting.


        • Present issues to a committee by following that committee’s guidelines.

Please send your email to, mail to our post office box 608 or contact one of the board members directly.

Talkeetna Community Council Inc. 
P.O. Box 608
Talkeetna, AK 99676


This website was created by the Talkeetna Community Council Inc. for the purpose of providing a convenient location for interested persons to find information and documents pertaining to the community of Talkeetna.